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[CD] Motofumi Yamaguchi "Ikkan Fugetsu"

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Item Name[CD] Motofumi Yamaguchi "Ikkan Fugetsu"
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Immersed in the moonlight, I feel the breeze blow through my body and soul. If I listen carefully, I can hear the sound of the universe itself. Without thinking, I simply sit back and wait for this flute to burst into song.

This is the long-awaited debut solo album by Motofumi Yamaguchi, Kodo's principal flautist. Recorded at Kodo Village using makobue flutes made from local Sado madake bamboo, this "home-grown" album has a deep, rich sound. This is a collection of original songs and beautiful arrangements of folk favorites from around the world.


  • Motofumi Yamaguchi (Makobue flute, Kokyu - Chinese violin)
  • Akira Nino (Piano)
  • Takafumi Imaizumi (Guitar)
  • Yoko Fujimoto (Vocals)

Track list

  • Gaftai Baile Bui / Irish Folk Song
  • Miryan Arirang / Korean Folk Song
  • Shizuka / Composed by Motofumi Yamaguchi
  • Uyuudai / Inner Mongolian Folk Song
  • Kaigara Bushi / Tottori Folk Song (Japan)
  • Danny Boy / Irish Folk Song
  • Yamauta / Tsugaru Folk Song (Japan)
  • Itoshiki Mono-e / Composed by Motofumi Yamaguchi
  • Soshu Yakyoku (Suzhou Serenade) / Lyrics by Yaso Saijo, composed by Ryuichi Hattori

Released Dec 1 2009