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[Bachi/Drumsticks] For shime-daiko - Tomohiro Mitome Model
Item Number12046
Item Name[Bachi/Drumsticks] For shime-daiko - Tomohiro Mitome Model
Price in Japan3,667 YEN
Price Outside Japan3,334 YEN

Handmade by Japanese craftsmen, these drumsticks were custom-tailored for the shime-daiko.

Clearly a cut above their mass-produced counterparts, each pair of our shime-daiko drumsticks is crafted from a single piece of wood, one at a time. The Kodo logo is burned along the grain of the wood and if it is visible while being used, you’ll know you are holding them in the best position. Strong enough to endure Tomohiro Mitome’s powerful performance on the Kodo stage, these bachi will stand the test of time.

“Nootka Cypress (beihiba) produces a gentler sound than Japanese Cypress (hinoki) drumsticks.” - Tomohiro Mitome

  • Wood: Nootka Cypress (USA)
  • Size: Length 400mm, diameter at tip 23 mm, at grip point 27mm