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[Bachi (Drumsticks)] For Miyake and O-daiko - Eiichi Saito Model
Item Number12048
Item Name[Bachi (Drumsticks)] For Miyake and O-daiko - Eiichi Saito Model
Price in Japan3,972 YEN
Price Outside Japan3,611 YEN

Handmade by Japanese craftsmen, these drumsticks were designed specifically for Miyake Taiko & O-daiko.

Clearly a cut above their mass-produced counterparts, each pair of our Miyake/O-daiko drumsticks is crafted from a single piece of wood, one at a time. The Kodo logo is burned along the grain of the wood and is easily visible while being used when held in the best position.

This is the same model Eiichi Saito used on stage when performing Miyake in the Kodo Ubusuna performances.

“Japanese cypress (hinoki) drumsticks have the most natural fit for the hands, and they produce a bold, resonant sound. The size is really versatile for playing Miyake-style taiko, O-daiko, and hirado-daiko.” - Eiichi Saito

  • Wood: Japanese cypress (From Mie Prefecture)
  • Size: Length 500mm, diameter 35 mm
  • Weight (per stick): Approx 210-230g
  • Note: These drumsticks are not tapered.