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[CD] Kodo "Mystery"
Item Number29008
Item Name[CD] Kodo "Mystery"
Price in Japan2,700 YEN
Price Outside Japan2,500 YEN

This brand-new studio recording captures the essence of the stage production "Kodo One Earth Tour: Mystery," directed by Tamasaburo Bando.

All eight tracks are original compositions, each one a piercing ray of light from within a sacred world of darkness. We hope this album takes you on a voyage to the extraordinary, to a mysterious realm that lies in the beyond. Sit back, close your eyes, and let the sound of "Mystery" conjure a wondrous world deep within your mind, where darkness & light intersect and stillness & movement entwine.

Listen to samples of all 8 tracks here:


  1. Yomichi (Composed by Tsuyoshi Maeda)
  2. Ake no Myojo (Composed by Yosuke Oda)
  3. Harewataru (Composed by Eri Uchida)
  4. Kusa-wake (Composed by Yuta Sumiyoshi)
  5. Kei Kei (Composed by Yuta Sumiyoshi)
  6. Yuyami (Composed by Yuta Sumiyoshi)
  7. Hekireki (Composed by Masayuki Sakamoto)
  8. Sasurai (Composed by Yuta Sumiyoshi)
  • Released: December 19, 2014
  • Product Code: OD-011
  • Sales Agency: Otodaiku