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[Tenugui Towel] Onidaiko

Item Number30063
Item Name[Tenugui Towel] Onidaiko
Price in Japan1,800 YEN
Price Outside Japan1,636 YEN

Traditional Japanese tenugui are thin cotton towels dyed in multiple colors with various prints. Light and quick to dry, they make for perfect bandanas, hand towels and even handkerchiefs. Their refined designs and careful consideration for color also make tenugui great accents for any interior.

This design features one of Sado Island’s traditional folk performing arts as a motif: onidaiko, a demon deity drum dance.

*In keeping with tradition, the tenugui ends are cut off and left unsown. The threads may be straggly at first, but the edges will become even with use.

  • Material: Cotton 100%
  • Hand-dyed (traditional Chusen method)
  • Size: Approx 35 cm x 90 cm
  • Made in Japan