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[DVD] Kodo "One Earth Tour Special"
Item Number20005
Item Name[DVD] Kodo "One Earth Tour Special"
Price in Japan6,270 YEN
Price Outside Japan5,700 YEN

"One Earth Tour Special" is the first Kodo performance directed by Kabuki luminary Tamasaburo Bando. This is a live concert recording arranged for DVD, and its soundtrack is also available on CD. The work features Sado e (To Sado and Beyond), Bando’s original composition for Kodo, which showcases the ensemble as if it were an orchestra using Japanese instruments. Blending taiko drums with stringed instruments—the koto (harp), kokyu (violin) and shamisen (banjo)—the rich music conjures scenes of a picturesque journey to Sado Island.

  • Released: April 7, 2004
  • Region Code: 2
  • Format: NTSC. Please check your DVD player before purchasing this DVD.
  • Product Code: SIBL1
  • Sales Agency: Sony Music Japan International Inc.

Featured Programme:

—First Act—
1. Kiyari—Miyake
2-4. O-daiko
5. Yatai-bayashi

—Second Act—
6. Okesa
7. Kenbai
8. Tomoe
9. Furyu
10. Hyoshigi—Kono Mine no
11. Sado e
12. Encore

Bonus Feature: To Sado and Beyond (“Sado e” Special Version)

Recorded: On November 20–21, 2003 at Setagaya Public Theatre, Tokyo, Japan