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[CD] Kodo - Kaden
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Item Name[CD] Kodo - Kaden
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"Kaden" features nine unique compositions that were created especially for four recent “Kodo One Earth Tour” productions directed by Tamasaburo Bando: Legend, Mystery, Eternity, and Chaos. The tracks were captured with the latest high-resolution audio technology in a recording studio, allowing even the subtlest tones to interweave in unprecedented ways. Like a brand-new theater performance, this album creates a world of sound that promises to captivate and delight.

The album opens by showcasing the various tones of a newly developed, award-winning tunable taiko, Kanade. Melodic bamboo flutes float in to transport listeners to that fleeting realm between day and night. Later, an ensemble of high-pitched shime-daiko enters with a parade of sound, which leads to a powerful match between two mighty opponents: the o-daiko (big drum) and a Western drum kit. The climax is the monumental title piece, Kaden, a modern oeuvre featuring six performers playing twenty drums.

Listen to samples of all 9 tracks here:


  1. SEITEN / Composed by Masayuki Sakamoto
  2. YUYAMI / Composed by Yuta Sumiyoshi
  3. ARRIVE / Composed by Tamasaburo Bando
  4. TOKI NO MA / Composed by Yuta Sumiyoshi
  5. KUKAI / Composed by Kenta Nakagome
  6. YOGIRI – ASAYAKE GUMO / Composed by Tsuyoshi Maeda
  7. AYAORI / Composed by Yuta Sumiyoshi
  8. KADEN / Composed by Tamasaburo Bando
  9. KEI KEI / Composed by Yuta Sumiyoshi
  • Released: December 21, 2016
  • Product Code: OD-018
  • Sales Agency: Otodaiku