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[DVD] Kodo "Sen no Mai"
Item Number20017
Item Name[DVD] Kodo "Sen no Mai"
Price in Japan4,950 YEN
Price Outside Japan4,500 YEN

Chieko Kojima, Kodo’s queen of dance, is a true pioneer. Spirited and free, she carved out her own unique genre as a female performer and continues to lead the way in dance-meets-taiko expression.
Chieko’s insatiable inquisitiveness and active international solo career continue to inform her lifework. Adept at captivating audiences by conjuring bewitching realms on stage, in 2019 she drew on years of exploration and collaboration to direct this new work featuring Kodo, with Ryotaro Leo Ikenaga as music director.

Featuring: Kodo
Guest Artist: Shunsuke Kimura

  • Recorded: December 23, 2019 at Bunkyo Civic Hall Main Hall, Tokyo, Japan
  • Release Date: May 14, 2020
  • Media Type(s): DVD
  • Product Code: OD-022
  • Sales Agency: Otodaiku
  • Produced by: Chieko Film Project