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[CD] Kodo Anthology I
Item Number29013
Item Name[CD] Kodo Anthology I
Price in Japan2,000 YEN
Price Outside Japan1,818 YEN

“Kodo is always producing new music.
We perform some of those pieces often, sometimes for decades, while other compositions only get featured in one stage production and seldom get played again.
Every composition is like a mirror, reflecting us in that moment and the trends of that time. I wanted to capture us and our music at different moments in time. I thought the best way would be to create albums, so I launched the Kodo Anthology series.
We plan to release one album a year under this title, capturing Kodo’s music here and now to share as a time capsule with the world.” —Yuta Sumiyoshi

  1. Chonlima
  2. Ichiru
  3. Sunayama Impromptu
  4. Inochi
  5. Okoshi

  • Release Date: Nov. 23, 2022
  • Product Number: OD-039
  • Sales Agency: Otodaiku